Klutch – Scheduling for Groups App Reviews

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I can’t get pass the login page 🙁

I can’t get pass the login page 🙁

Can't log in

I can't get past the login page 🙁

Won't let me open account

After I fill out the info, I click the arrow, it says loading... Then nothing. I click the connect through Facebook... Same thing.

Don't bother

There was no tutorial and no way to set up a new event. I guess I have to creat a group first. But why would I want to invite friends to join a group before I even know if the app works?

More like "choke"

Are most of the reviews from the Klutch staff, i.e. fake? Only the FB login process works. Terms of Use and other policy docs don't exist. Generally non-intuitive interface.

This app is a joke

Don't download it

Almost perfect

Just wish there were notifications when people message on the app


???? Lame

Add GIFs & Photos

I love the app-- being able to schedule meet ups is genius. However, add the ability to search GIFs (like GroupMe) and attach photos and I'll be fully sold. So far, my friends aren't willing to switch over. We really love our GIFs and photos. Haha

Great App!!!

Great App! Easy to use. Love it!

Worst app

Slow and buggy.

Awesome app!

Great app, awesome idea. This app is very helpful when trying to schedule meet-ups with friends. Lots of great improvements have been made from the first version, and these changes make the app run a lot smoother!

Amazing app, congrats to the team!

Amazing app, congrats to the team!

Practical & saves time

I'm not the most technical person so I like that this was simple and easy to use. Great app for coordinating play dates with other moms & girls night out

I love using this for scheduling get togethers a with people...

I have been using this app since the first version came out, I love all the improvements that have been made. Making my scheduling with people seamless...

App makes no sense

Terrible interface and all around ugly app.

Wow! This app is a lifesaver!!

I can't believe how great this app is. It is so hard to make a plan with more than one person - too much time and frustration in the back-and-forth. But Klutch just solved everything. And even made planning fun! Very impressed. Thank you!!


I'm in love with this app!!!!!

Very cool app.

This is a perfect combo. Chat with a person or group and when it's time to get together offline, we can get it organized easily and make it happen. A bunch if us got together to watch some World Cup games. Those who couldn't make it stayed in touch during the games so we could tease them about what they were missing. This app is fun and functional.


Excited to use this. Too many people/texts to manage. Thanks Klutch!

Just nice

Simple to use, smooth animations, very functional, this app is great for 'herding cats' and getting the crew together. Simply put, it's pretty 'clutch'.

Great app

The concept behind this app is genious. Allows you to make quick plans with your friends. Select which friends you want to hangout with, suggest a place and time and wait for your friends to RSVP. I use it often to plan with friends, and even for dates with my gf. It uses your phone & fb contacts, so your social graph is included almost entirely.


Great App

Cool app

Nice work guys! Really useful one!

Easy to use

Real simple and easy to use

Best App Ever!

This app is SO awesome! Makes getting together with friends really easy...Everyone needs to download it NOW!!!

Great app

Love it, makes getting together with multiple friends much easier and fun. It is also very effective in organizing business meetings.

Amazing and easy

What a wonderful app and so easy to use spread the word. We're klutching it.

Amazing App!

Super user friendly and absolutely amazing. I use it for my business and for my family and it's awesome!

An app you can live in

Seriously, you can do everything in it. This is so much more than a scheduling app.

Best groups scheduling app!!!!

I love this app... I use it for two of my businesses as well as family meet ups. It's easy and simple to use. A must have for anyone.


If the invitees do not have a Klutch account how will the event be sent to them? Via text I assume?


Cool App to organize events

Can't create event

Crashes when you try to create an event during saving


Fun and easy to use. Going to save a lot of back and forth. Thanks for this

Can't complete registration

I can't get the SMS verification code. I assume you don't support the country I'm in. If that's the case it will be good if in your app description you list out which countries you support or have option to get verification code via email.

Great for meeting up with friends

This app is a godsend. Makes it super easy to make plans with friends and get on the same page on what to do tonite. Highly recommend.

Way more fun than email

I just used this to schedule drinks with the girls... The app made it really easy to go through a few options and settle on a plan that worked for everyone. A huge time saver, and fun to use.

Director of sales

Amazingness in a app! Planners dream! Keeps me organized!! Love it


Taking scheduling out of my email is amazing


Finally! Needed an app like this.

Great app, makes life easy

So far so good. This app is smooth and easy to use. I think I've already saved 3 hours of back and forth within my first 5 minutes of use. Highly recommended!

Breakthrough app

Nothing does what Klutch does, and those that attempt don't come close. It's like Evite meets Facebook! Absolute best way to get people together.

Just planned my first Klutch event

Great way to set up an event and get votes!


Awesome app. Just what I need.

Simple way to schedule group events

Found it really easy to use.

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